Farewell, Clarita…


Today we have no words… Clarita, you were loved.

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3 thoughts on “Farewell, Clarita…”

  1. Martha Weber

    Viktor, I share in your sorrow. So many of your stories are uplifting and heartwarming – but there are those that are sad and heartbreaking. This is unfortunately one of the latter. I am devastated at the outcome for poor, beautiful Clarita. But, in your heart you know that you had to try. Her condition was the result of human cruelty, of which there is too much. You have an exceptional team of medical experts who also care deeply about the animals they treat. You will no doubt receive negative, nasty comments from judgmental people who know nothing about that which they judge. Ignore them as you cannot reason with unreasonable people. I thank you for everything you do. Most often your rescue experiences are emotional and traumatic, but you continue, knowing that you are their only hope. You ane your team are exceptional people. I will continue to watch your rescues and donate the little I can, hoping that every little bit helps to keep your organization afloat. Much love to you all. Sincerely, Martha, Spring Hill Florida

  2. So vwey heartbroken, for Clarita and you and thevteam. Words mean nothing, but you loved and tried. Fly high beautiful girl, know you will always be in our hearts.

  3. I am so sorry, she was a beautiful dog complete tragedy thank you for trying to save her!!

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