This dog lived in hell… this is her last chance!


Clarita has two broken front legs… both with fractures at the same height. This is absolutely consistent with a blow with a rod or stick. One of those fractures perforated the skin (open fracture) and as she lay like that for a week without treatment, of course it became infected. Tomorrow we will be operating on the other leg… Clarita is a very young dog, and incredibly beautiful. Did she deserve what has happened to her? Absolutely not. Does she deserve the help of our community? There is no doubt in my mind…
Please donate, help us save Clarita!

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3 thoughts on “This dog lived in hell… this is her last chance!”

  1. Thank you for all you are doing! Soooo many abused animals, make wonder what world are we live in and who are this monsters, they definitely are not humans!!!!!

  2. Just the sweetest photograph. Kind Isidor and Clarita in comfort, both smiling. Thank you so much Let’s Adopt for this beauty. xo


  3. Joseph Kern

    So sad and disappointing it is to be a witness to the terrible abuses inflicted by humans on so many non-human beings. Those children of a different mother, dogs, cats, rabbits, chip-monks and so many other sentient beings that are taken into our homes as, “pets,” and then abused and even murdered, tell us something about ourselves. Though the numbers of abused and murdered animals is and has been enormous, don’t overlook other creatures, the horses and dogs who are forced to live in a manner that is chosen for the entertainment and profit of humans at the terrible expense of the animals. Wait, there is more, so much more. Consider the billions of, “factory farmed,” animals whose lives manifest different forms of abuse and torture from the moment they come into this world to the moment their lives are brutally taken from them to be used as food. Is there anything else in that category of disrespect for all the non-human beings on this planet? Yes, there is. Currently, it is an accurate evaluation that because of the behavior of humanity on this planet, twenty percent of the lives of all the animals not cultivated but are within nature, are, “removed,” never to exist again. Is that enough to present of this oh so sad story? No, there is more. Everything you have just read, is the behavior, the result of Humanity. The last, the final reality that is to be included here now is this. Everything that has been presented here has one more sad existence. It is that, “”what “humanity,” does to all the non-human life on this planet, “IT DOES TO ITSELF!””

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