Look at this! Someone broke her two front legs with a steel bar!


Clarita is a galga, a hunting dog. She was rescued from her owner, who had done nothing about her two broken front legs, and may even have broken them himself. But her rescuers only bandaged her legs and spent a week looking for help. As soon as we were contacted, we dropped everything and went to get her. She is a beautiful, young dog and has been rescued in the nick of time. With so many surgeries, our costs are through the roof, but we could not let her die!
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6 thoughts on “Look at this! Someone broke her two front legs with a steel bar!”

  1. If the hunters who use these poor animals then want to rid themselves of them make some laws so they can do it legally so they dont abuse them or worse… and make the laws stiff so they dont just throw them away abandon them… have each dog tagged so if found they can give the dog justice for the abuse they experienced… something has to change in a society that uses these animal and do NOT take care of them!

  2. I know all about the terrible life of the galgos. I have adopted two from Spain.
    Why does Spain allow this !
    I was not able to make a donation, I can’t change the amount of money !
    It’s wonderful to see all those people rescuing those poor animals. Thank you.I
    I would love to give more but I belong to so many organizations already!

  3. Arnelle Farrell

    Thank you and G-D bless you all for what you do !!!!!! Keep saving those wonderful babies!!!!!

  4. John Nimmo

    I pray Clarita will come through these surgeries and her legs can be saved.

  5. Peter Byrne

    Such a beautiful dog, I had a Saluki Lurcher cross called Lester with the exact same face who broke his leg running through the woods. I never had insurance so that cost me £3,000 because he had to have specialist surgery with plates and screws so I know how expensive this type of surgery is. Lester recovered fully and would give his companion Pops (A retired racing greyhound a good run for his money) Both Lester and Pops lived to 17 and they left behind so many beautiful memories.
    I am already a patron but sending you a few quid extra to help pay for her surgery. I pray that it goes well.
    Now, I have a 2 year old lurcher called Lola and i would be delighted to adopt Clarita as her companion and I would give her a great life.
    Hoping all goes well, such a beautiful dog,.

  6. Mikelle Carr

    The owners of these dogs should be treated the same way they abuse their animals … break two legs, don’t give medical treatment, then walk away. See how they react. Some humans don’t deserve to live!! Why does Spain allow this? Is it not a civilized country? I already give monthly, and will continue to do so, but a bit extra will help Clarita to heal. You are blessed for your care, and love for all animals.

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