Great news! Neglected dog gets the go ahead! Everything is ready!


Tomorrow is Mary’s day! She will be going into surgery to remove the huge mass on her leg. Two surgeons, two anaesthesiologists and a stock of blood products will be with her… and carers will be by her side during her post-op process. Mary is going to need us all tomorrow! You will see her surgery and the immediate outcome on Friday. Please keep Mary in your thoughts… this is an extremely complex operation!
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4 thoughts on “Great news! Neglected dog gets the go ahead! Everything is ready!”

  1. Vikki Arcila

    Was wondering how Mary was doing, I know she had her surgery……..I fell in love with her and very concerned. I love her sweet face.

  2. Martha Weber

    Do not listen to the ones who pretend to know more than they do. They are ignorant. Many will criticize and complain no matter what you do. I understand that everything you do is for the benefit and welfare of each animal in your care. Your doctors and surgeons know more than the people who want things to move more quickly. Having worked with rescue, I know the dedication and heartbreak that comes along with each rescue, in addition to the need for funding to pay for their care. It does not come free. You are exceptional people to be able to continue to do what you do. Do not let anyone tell you differently. Continue the good work. The animals need more like you.

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