Dog stuck on a roof leaps to freedom but breaks her legs…


Gigi has been unlucky so far in her life. First she was banished to a flat roof where she lived alone. When she was so terrified of a storm that she jumped off the roof and broke two legs, she was taken to a vet who botched both her surgeries. Gigi deserves a bit of luck… we are her only friends. And she needs help today!
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7 thoughts on “Dog stuck on a roof leaps to freedom but breaks her legs…”

  1. Susan Austin

    Please help gigi and keep up the good work. I would love to help. Xxx🥰

  2. This is absolutely disgusting! How could her owners not care enough about her to save her the pain of breaking them and then suffering through the healing?
    I would love to adopt her but how could I get her here without a terrible expense? What a sweetie pie1!!

  3. How can anyone allow a dog to suffer like this and allow her the terrible pain of breaking both legs and suffering thru the healing process?

    I would love to adopt her but how can I get her to this country without an exorbenint amount of money?

  4. Mikelle Carr

    Thank you for caring, helping, healing, and love. I cannot wrap my mind around people-monsters who abuse animals!

  5. Leslie Jo Ball

    What the heck??!!!! People are so very twisted. And then, Dr. Frankenstein gets a hold of Miss Gigi!! Utterly devastating to hear about, and see images of. Then seeing that precious animal TRY to take steps😭 Thank God for Viktor and the entire team of angels!!

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