Dog cries in pain after falling from roof and breaking two legs!


Gigi has lived on a flat roof all her life, in all weathers, extreme heat and the cold and rain of winter. One night the storm scared her so much that she jumped from a second storey trying to escape. With both left legs broken, she was rescued and taken to a local vet, who botched her surgery. Gigi has been let down twice, once by her owner who banished her to the roof of the building, and once by a professional who should have referred her to a specialist trauma surgeon. And now she depends on us if she is to walk again… and we depend on you!
Please donate, help us save Gigi!

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8 thoughts on “Dog cries in pain after falling from roof and breaking two legs!”

  1. Gigi, I want you to feel what love and care is, a big healing hug, 🧡🧡🧡

  2. Michaela Kaltschmidt

    All the best for our poor little Gigi. It’s just a small donation extra to my patreon, but I have a little bit rough times, too. Sorry.

  3. I just donated to help Gigi. I’m very interested in fostering or even adopting this beautiful girl. I live in the United Stares in Florida. I know it’s to early to make this commitment but I wanted you to know I am here to help this girl live a better life. Thank you for all you do, May Earl

    1. Amazing! Gigi stays on my mind! I was thinking about adopting her also! I live in Virginia. I lost my sweet girl to cancer in June,2022. I’m not able to get over her!😭. I am impatiently waiting on an update following Gigi’s surgery!🙏🙏

  4. Terri Kennedy

    How can people be so cruel to an innocent dog like that. I hope the culprit was charged and banned from ever owning any animal again.

  5. I’m donating on a monthly basis, and don’t mind how the money gets utilised, as I know that there are many facets of your work that require funding, and it’s not all hands-on animal care.
    However, when my donation arrives this month, I’d really like to think that it goes toward the immense amount of care that Gigi will need. She’s such a beautiful girl. So gentle with strangers, despite being in pain and terrified. She deserves all that you can do for her, and a wonderful truly loving home once she’s right to leave your care.
    If I didn’t live in Australia,I’d ask to be considered as her forever furparent in less than a heart beat.
    Poor poor baby. Love and many cuddles. Feel better soon, baby girl.

  6. I would like to help by donating for dog who fell off roof. However I have never heard of stripe and do not have PayPal?

    1. Hi Caroline, it is also possible to make a donation by bank transfer:

      Stichting Let’s Adopt International
      Account number (IBAN): BE63 9671 5560 1908
      Wise Europe SA. Avenue Marnix 13-17. Brussels 1000, (Belgium)


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