We save a neglected dog with a “monster” growing on her leg!


Mary is a mastiff, considered a working breed in rural Spain. A guard dog, for a house, a farm, a piece of land… rarely do we see a mastiff visit a vet, or find one with a microchip. They don’t usually even have names. They are seen as objects, and therefore expendable. The truth is that mastiffs like Mary are the sweetest, most noble dogs you can find, and Mary is no exception. She is immensely grateful for food, the slightest touch, for someone to actually see her as the wonderful dog that she is! Mary needs us all. Please don’t let her size confuse you, she is as worthy as any other dog of your help. Mary needs your help and compassion today!

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3 thoughts on “We save a neglected dog with a “monster” growing on her leg!”

  1. Zara Benton

    Thankyou for taking her and trying to help her. You are all she has now and its clear she has given herself to you to care for and love. She is an angel in fur. I send love, hope and prayers and a small donation towards her care and trust that it helps her in some small way. Please do all you can, I know you will, you always do.

    For Mary, in memory of every tortured soul who never knew the love and kindness that man can give. My prayers are hers. 💜🙏🌹🐾

    Much love sweet Mary ~ Zara and Herbie in France.

  2. Zara Benton

    Donation sent from Shabbysunflowers with Love and Prayers as promised. Stay strong Mary, you are so loved sweet girl.
    Love from Zara Benton and Herbie xXx

  3. Frances Slifko

    My love to Mary. My extended love to your endless dedication to trying to right the horrendous wrongs of the ones who were entrusted to care for these creatures of God and intentionally failed.
    One day they will know God’s wrath I’m sure.
    May God Bless You All Now and Always. Merry Christmas!

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