Lola is not doing well…

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It’s a busy and cold morning at the Great House, and I am taking Lola for a veterinary check-up. Cookie has a new 4-wheel chair and Scotty and Nancy want to see what’s going on. Lola, as she does, unaware that she will be travelling today, is wandering around quite happily when she decides to answer nature’s call, in her clean diaper. Lola is a very senior dog with many limitations and a degree of senility… but her care is important for as long as she has left.

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1 thought on “Lola is not doing well…”

  1. Timothy Greenly

    At least towards the end of Lola’s life she knew she was in the care of people who really loved and cared about her, and it was probably the first time for her to ever experience that love. Thank you for the work you do.

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