NEW RESCUE! Dog made to work for months with a broken leg!


One of the saddest pictures we’d ever seen… a dog, with what looked like a broken leg and his head hanging dejectedly in the pouring rain. Unable to catch him, we tracked down his owner, a goat herder and begged him to hand him over to us for treatment and care. He refused. We decided to leave him our number. Nearly a month later, he called! If we wanted the dog, which had no name, we could go and get him. And that is the story of Jack’s rescue. Jack has a ruptured cruciate ligament in his leg, which needs surgery… once he is cured of his trachea-bronchitis. Jack seems to know what has happened… and he is absolutely delightful! We need your help to keep our promise to Jack that the rest of his life will be a happy and healthy one. He deserves no less.

Please donate, help me save Jack!

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7 thoughts on “NEW RESCUE! Dog made to work for months with a broken leg!”

  1. Janet Wishnetsky

    What a beautiful, sweet, devoted dog Jack is. I’m in love with him and have donated €25 towards his treatment, in addition to my monthly Patreon donation. Please find him a wonderful family after all his problems are sorted out. Poor little guy …..
    ~ Janet

  2. Jack, Youre a sweet litte doggy. I hope you get well soon & find your cozy forever home too! 🙏🏼❤️🦋

  3. Sweet handsome Jack, you deserve a wonderful life, therefore some help. Big hug, ❤️🍄

  4. Patricia R.

    Jack, your working days are over. You sweet little doggie! You’re in good hands now and your life is going to get better and better! God Bless Victor and his staff for all they do!

  5. Sara Fenton

    So glad you have this link. I like this method better than Patreon. I want to help jack. I would love to adopt but I love too far away. So I will send him money.

  6. Regina Walczyk-Brozinski

    I hope so much,little sweet boy,that you will soon experience what it is like to be loved very deeply only because of what you are. I wish you a wonderful life in future,Jack. Regina

  7. I fell in love with you Jack the first moment I saw you.
    I’m so sorry I can’t be your mum, because I couldn’t give you the Life you deserve, but I want to help you anyway.
    Just a bit of my little Money.
    Happy New Life my little hero 💜🙏🤗

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