I’m sorry, Cookie… we had to do it!


Cookie is unable to stand… we still don’t know why, and further tests are being performed to reach a diagnosis. In the meantime, Cookie urinates and defecates in situ. We need to remove some of his beautiful coat to be able to keep him clean and dry and free of sores. We’re sorry, Cookie, it’s the only option…

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2 thoughts on “I’m sorry, Cookie… we had to do it!”

  1. I nearly broke into tears watching Cookie’s story. Seeing him in so much pain makes me very sad but he is fighting through it with the help of the hospital staff. I pray to God that you can save Cookie and find him a nice home. There should be people who will fall in love and take care with him. Thank You for much you have helped Cookie so far.

    1. frattaioli caterina

      Oui ses bien continué dans cet voie là et sauver ce petit bout de chou

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