Behind this beautiful face, a dog is suffering!


Cookie is not smiling. He is not happy. He is in pain. It hurts everywhere, his back, his knees, his legs. He is longing for us to touch him, but when we do he yelps in pain. We performed a CT scan and a spinal tap to try to reach a diagnosis. The CT scan revealed nothing but we are waiting for the spinal tap results. Cookie is barely 6 months old… and he only has us!

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2 thoughts on “Behind this beautiful face, a dog is suffering!”

  1. Linda Lubiner

    Hello: Sorry to see this cute dog in so much pain. I just saw a video online of a dog who was fine one moment, and the next moment, had a hard time walking and head was tilted to one side. So they checked the dogs ears, which were fine, but when they checked his eardrums, there was some of sticky fluid sitting there. Not supposed to be there, but it was. So they made a hole in the eardrum and flushed out the fluid. So now the dog is on the road to recovery. They thought it was a brain tumour.
    I was wondering if Cookie’s eardrums were checked. This is just a thought. Hope this idea is looked into. Give Cookie a big hug from me.

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