Tragic! His family abandoned him at the vets without looking back!


Cookie is a puppy, and a beautiful one at that. Just six months old, he just wants to please and to play. He is a Water Dog, a very intelligent breed. But Cookie has a problem, and it’s a big one. He can’t walk. His rear legs just don’t work. And no one knows why… so the first thing we have to do is reach a diagnosis! Cookie has his whole life ahead of him! He needs us today!

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8 thoughts on “Tragic! His family abandoned him at the vets without looking back!”

  1. Cynthia Lyons

    I hope there are no children in the family that abandoned him because they should not learn that it is ok to do this to an animal.

  2. Maya Jenks

    Bless cookie, he is a Irish water spaniel. Ive lost so much the last 3 years and im sorry for not being on here much . Please please I hope he can walk again. This breed of dog is so full of energy cookie must be thinking why he cant walk.
    Only the horrible owners know what caused cookie to end up like this.. sending love and hugs and get well wishes xxxx

  3. For Cookie. Cookie appears to be suffering from the paralysis tick. A beautiful dog I hope you have got there in time to save him. There are so many dogs needing love and help. I wish it were more. Hi

  4. Hi Cookie, we know you are suffering and you’re confused and stresserò, but se are here to help you.
    Forget the ones who left you behind and decided your life was not worth the money: they are monsters and One day they will cry in regret.
    I wish I could help much more, but I ‘m struggling myself too.
    Being disable I can deeply feel your pain.
    I love you puppy, from the bottom of my ♥️.

  5. I hope he never has to hurt that way again. God bless you guys for what you guys do and I hope cookie gets better and finds a loving family. Love you little guy!

  6. Oh Cookie i’m thinking about you baby, I hope you have a speedy recovery and have a full life filled with someone who really cares for you and loves you. (The original family can go to hell)

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