Hannibal is bleeding…


A few days ago we found Hannibal in the grooming room bleeding profusely. He had not been bitten or attacked, it was the result of a simple injection with his regular treatment. Hannibal is not producing platelets, so his blood is not clotting. We are consulting with expert haematologists to try to find a solution. Ah yes, he is in a cage, just like a human would be in a hospital bed. It is not punishment, it is absolutely necessary!

Also, Mia, one of my own dogs, is going blind. It is a genetic condition and although she still sees pretty well in the daylight, at night she stumbles a little. She is in no pain and hopefully will get used to living with this progressive disease that causes retinal atrophy. Mia is the sweetest dog and this has made me really sad, although I know she will still have a good life, because I will make sure of that.

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