Alma is finally free!


Alma is free! Free of that growing, thriving, painful mass that she was forced to lift every time she took a step! The surgery was a long one, but she is free! Now we wait for the test results, which will determine her future chemotherapy and treatment regimen. Now she will gain weight and confidence and trust. When she was rescued, we promised her we would do our best and our best we are doing! Let’s give Alma a future!

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5 thoughts on “Alma is finally free!”

  1. Bravo! Fantastic work!
    Alma is a very lucky dog.
    So happy to see her walking without any difficulty and pain.

    Please continue your mission,

  2. Anne David

    Wow… this is so great to see her walking without this weight 🙂 Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the results would come back: negative ! …no need for chemiotherapy. A girl can dream, hey? Alma, beautiful girl, get well now. Just get well little one… Hugs & kisses to her and thank you to all who donated to help her and to all who are physically there to make all this possible.

  3. Suzy Morrison

    I’ve been following Alma’s journey from the start, and I cannot say how grateful I am that you rescued her. Watching the video this morning when the growth was removed, I am in awe of the skill that the surgeon has. In amazement of the size -again- of the tumour, and so very emotional at the knowledge that she is free of it and all it brought with it. I sadly cannot contribute more than I already do, but I know that my small amount is helping not only Alma, but any and all other rescues, and again, I thank you.
    God bless you all. Please continue to post updates on Alma… She is special.

  4. It’s amazing that Alma has lost this enormous bad thing.
    Thanks to you all, Alma should also say this after her amazing help for her.
    You all are in my heart and Alma’s off course.

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