We need to talk… it’s about Alma!


We have a date for Alma’s surgery! Monday September 12! Why not before? Because her hematocrit still needs to increase a little. A low hematocrit means anaemia, and Alma is going to have blood loss during the operation. Why did we wait so long to bathe her? Although she was extremely dirty, this is never a priority. Good veterinarian practice is, and always will be, our priority. We ask both you and Alma to be patient just a little longer. And we ask you to continue to help her… this surgery will be followed by chemotherapy.

She really needs our help!

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3 thoughts on “We need to talk… it’s about Alma!”

  1. It’s incredible that someone would think that the operation could be done within a few days. Say nothing about other patients, the dog’s health and the structure of the tumor have to be assessed. And commenting about the bath? Brother. I’m sorry people are so absurd about second guessing your efforts when you have proven time and again, Victor you are an animal’s best advocate.

  2. Please continue to take very good care of Alma, this doggie has suffered enough. God bless You all for doing a wonderful job. Thank You Viktor and Team.

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