The saddest dog I have ever rescued… you won’t believe your eyes!


We are waiting for Alma’s CT scan report and biopsy results. In the meantime, she is being cared for around the clock in our hospital, where her tumour is cleaned and dressed every day. She seems to realise that we are helping her and is allowing us to touch her and feed her by hand. I promise you that we will do everything we can to save her life while saving her leg… she will get everything she needs.

And, with your help, Alma will become a happy dog… it’s my solemn promise.
Please donate, help us save Alma!

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6 thoughts on “The saddest dog I have ever rescued… you won’t believe your eyes!”

  1. I help as often as i can as im no longer able to work so using my birthday money for these poor animals

  2. Cecilia Villacorta

    My monthly donation goes to Alma right now and afterwards to any dogs or cats that need it, I talk to the bank , I told you I was waiting for a new debit card now I got it and I told them to renew my help so you but there is not place for me to give you my new info let me know if you have any issues love Cecilia

  3. This time, donating worked 🙂 Yes, she has sad eyes. Suffering for a while can do this to a soul. Now she’s in good hands. I love you dearly beautiful, brave and courageous girl. Kisses all the way to you Alma 🙂

  4. I already donate monthly but will send a little extra. I am currently in the process of adopting a rescue Golden from Egypt so I need significant money to bring the senior sweetheart over to Canada and then the costs of the immediate veterinarian tests so may not be able to send any extra. My prayers are with this little trooper. Thank you Viktor for what you do.

  5. Best of luck to dear Alma. Hope she will someday be able to run and play like other dogs who are loved. Keep up the great work, Viktor. When I was unable to donate a few days ago by credit card, I sent a donation to the Belgian account number I saw listed on your website for Let’s Adopt International. You should have received it by now. If not, please let me know. I assume that you get my monthly Patreon support, modest as it is. – Janet, in Brussels

  6. This sweet beautiful girl so brave, these animals suffer so badly at the hands of humans but she is one of the lucky ones that humans are also going to change her life for the better. Bring joy back into her life and happiness in her eyes. She popped up on YouTube and I am watching daily for her all the way from Australia. I can’t afford a lot but I have donated because every little bit helps and looking into those sad eyes how do you resist not wanting to be part of making her better. Sweet, kind Alma you are lovely and thankyou to all the vets and vet nurses that are helping her and all the other animals they help !

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