Waiting for a miracle…


Our rescue is struggling… we continue to rescue, to treat, to rehabilitate and to care for numerous animals, all of them extreme cases of neglect or abuse. Today we bring you an update on Coffee. Could we have amputated his leg for less than a quarter of what his surgery and treatment has cost us? Of course we could. Would we ever amputate a limb that could be saved? Of course not. This is the essence of our rescue organisation, and I hope it’s what makes us important for our followers… I’m sure it is. But we still need help in these difficult times.

Please donate, help us continue saving lives (and limbs)!

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1 thought on “Waiting for a miracle…”

  1. Diana Chmielarski

    I want you to know, that I’m sorry, I can’t afford to give you any money but I do give you my prayers. Prayers works wonders!!
    That one story, touched my heart and soul deeply. It’s the one about LEON. Please, tell me, how is he doing? If you had to put him to sleep, that’s ok, I can take it. He just went to RAINBOW HEAVEN. That’s how I see it. If he lived, I pray he got a very good home.
    I pray for you all the time. I also pray for the dogs you rescue. I also the Vets.
    Expressly the Rescuers. It’s got to be hard to see all the sick, hurt, abused and abandoned dogs. The aggressive ones too. They don’t understand why they are hurt, left alone, and abused. They need understand and Love
    I pray everyone will come to Your Rescue. HOOOO, Man, how I wish I could help you financially.
    You and your family will be in my prayers.
    Please, Remember, when times are hard, and you think you can’t go on, Pray to God, and remember you always, have someone who is on your side praying for you.
    God Bless,

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