Look at him… look what they’ve done to this poor dog!


We have called him Leon, because he is so tiny, sick and defenceless that he will need the strength of a lion to survive. Leon is fighting for his life as I write this, and we are fighting by his side. I know that Leon will have the support of this amazing community too! Last week I asked for help for the organisation and today I need it for a tiny little dog that does not yet know that he has an army to support him!

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13 thoughts on “Look at him… look what they’ve done to this poor dog!”

  1. Hello Viktor, The Lord God will Bless you for all that you DO to all your RESCUES. Don’t stop doing what you do. I will continue to PRAY for you.

  2. susan davenport

    You all do such wonderful work. If Leon makes it and is safe to travel, we would like to adopt him if we can.

  3. Linda A Gold Levy

    Viktor you do an amazing job saving animals from cruelty I don’t understand how some people can be so cruel it’s beyond me makes me cry

  4. Viktor, I sure hope things can be turned around for this tiny lion & that he will roar again & be loved & pampered very soon. Am doubling my usual – I know the economy is horrible and we’re all struggling, but I also know that without us there’s no you helping those who need your help so much ❤

  5. Jazz Powered

    For Leon. Fight on little one. Thank you Victor for doing what I cannot.

  6. Terri Kennedy

    Viktor your a real Gem , with out you these poor suffering animals would have no chance at all. Thank you for all you do your an Angel in disguise. It breaks my heart and angers me to see how some people treat their animals.

  7. You say he’s in critical condition but you don’t say exactly what is wrong. Please give more details on his condition.

  8. If he recovers I would like to talk about adopting him. I live in Fort Wayne, IN USA

  9. Peggy Bradley

    I have been watching your videos for a while. I believe in miracles and you guys are these fur babies Miracles for sure. Thank all of you for what you do not only to save these fur babies but give them a beautiful home that they never had before. God bless each of you!

  10. Sharon Schutt

    Sandra from above ,. No , Victor said ” horrible” not critical. But FOR HEAVEN SAKES , LOOK AT THIS PUP ….. just his physical appearance alone will tell even the ” untrained eye” that this pup has several problem with his body condition and his eyes. We will have to Waite for test results to find out what is going on ” inside” .

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