My world is collapsing…


Thank you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart to those of you who heard my appeal yesterday and decided to help! It was truly heart-warming for me to read your messages too. Our community is indeed a wonderful one. Today, with the hope that you have inspired in me, I continue to appeal to those of you who have not yet heard my plea… if you can, and I stress this because I know things are hard for everyone, if you can, please donate, help us continue saving lives!

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9 thoughts on “My world is collapsing…”

  1. Hi Viktor,
    I am a monthly donor and have continued to do so even through Covid-19. Like everyone, it’s getting harder to stay afloat. I have elderly pets who require different treatments. I’m donating a little more than my monthly donation. I am thankful for all that you do for the voiceless souls you help. Stay strong.
    Devoted to help,

  2. Bridget Goldsmith

    Dear Victor,
    Please do not give up. Right. now the world is in chaos. It seems that the war in Ukraine is affecting everything. When things get back to some sort of not chaos there will probably be animals that need your help. I am sure that Geiger death has had a profound affect on you but we are lucky that all the dogs have found homes. God is good. Please be careful that this event does not take over your like. You have wonderful friends around you and you brother. I know it is hard not to think of the blackness but on the other side is the sun and joy. What if you downsize ? Keep the great house with the pool and leave the other houses you have.
    Take a deal breath and do what you can right now to make things work.
    Victor this is not the first crisis you have faced and it probably won’t be the last. Have faith we love you hold on , hold on.

  3. Hi, I made a one time donation yesterday. Today I decided to make a small monthly donation. This spring we rescued a puppy that we found in amongst the garbage, in Mexico. We did everything to get him healthy, vaccines, good food, etc. Then we flew him to Canada, where we found his forever mom. Just doing that little bit was expensive so I can just imagine how much your expenses are.

  4. Viktor don’t give up, people like you help dogs like all my rescues I’ve homed over the years, to give them a 2nd chance in life….. they are so grateful to helpers like you. My latest rescue an Akita/collie cross called Lexie sends you a lick and a paw xxx

  5. I usually donate when you have a dog in need. But I’m going to go ahead and set up a monthly. Victor we love you. Keep up the great work because you’re a treasure. Thank you!

  6. I’m praying for you because of your heartfelt amazing work. I know the heartache and elation of rescuing animals. The heartbreak of not being able to save the all, but the elation from the ones you save. God Bless you and your staff. I pray all of your needs are met.

  7. Just a suggestion. I remember your brother was to do behind the scene videos. Why not create courses with what you do as a complementary source of income. It could be about how to start a rescue with what is needed in administration, permits, facilities, logistics. It could be about how to manage the rescue. How to welcome new staff. How to welcome new animals. How to get rescued animals to get along or how to manage the animals per personality to keep the peace in the house….
    You may already have quite a bit of videos you could use as an online course.
    I remember the one about the dogs’ diet which could be used and reused as a module…
    I know a lot of people rescuing dogs would be happy to learn what you all know or do with your rescues for happier times for all in the house.
    You have dog trainers, physio, behaviourist ?, vets who could all pitch in with their advice and recommendations.
    Like for ex not to feed to much at once when finding an emaciated dog…
    Just ideas as I remember you were to do some merchandising but the cost would still be an increasing expense.
    The online courses may be an expense at the start, although I am sure, you already have most of the material but it could get you some additional income on the long term.
    It would also be another way to get your organisation known even more

  8. Life can be a bitch but hang in there. PS. You mention your hair is now going white – I’ll exchange for my bald head for yours any day. And don’t forget that it is always dark before the light.

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