I never wanted to make this video…


The economy has been making it difficult for everyone for some time. First the pandemic, which nearly managed to put an end to animal rescue, and is still having a negative impact on our ability to take animals home, and now the war in Ukraine, and inflation growing uncontrollably, or so it seems, worldwide. Our organisation has also been struggling to pay its rising bills, although all of our animals have been getting the care they need, always our number one priority.
Understandably, donations have been falling until last month, when we registered our greatest decline for years. The responsibility rests on my shoulders and I cannot do this alone. I need to turn this around. Please know that, however small, your donation is important. It literally saves lives! So once again, in times of trouble, I appeal to you all…

If you can, please donate, help us continue saving lives!

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7 thoughts on “I never wanted to make this video…”

  1. We must help .!! Please give whatever u can . There must be more kindness in the world … everything in the world has a value. and deserves a chance to survive !!!!

  2. I gave 50 $CA. I cannot do more, really. I would like to be able to donate monthly but… I can’t. I really can’t. Let’s hope things will change and will become easier. Good luck… with love and thanks for every animal you saved and will save…

  3. Suzy Morrison

    I feel desperately sad that you and your organisation are going through these dreadful issues. I donate monthly and wish I could do more, but that’s sadly not the case. Please know that you are so appreciated and admired, as an individual, and as a member of such an important and incredible group of people.
    I pray that things will work out for you, and that my small donation is of some assistance.
    Thankyou, Victor, for being, and doing what you do every day.
    God bless you.

  4. Jazz Powered

    My donation is small but it’s the best I can do and continue supporting other shelters. I am happy to give as much as possible. I hope it helps I love the way you take care of the animals

  5. Linda Lubiner

    Here is my donation to help your organization. You take such great care of all the animals that come your way. Thank you everyone.

  6. Victor, I love what you are doing!! We need more people like you! All animals are worth every chance they can get to be healed and saved from abuse. You seem like a very caring and compassionate person. I was saddened when you said in your video you were not a believer. As a christian, not only do I care about animals, but I care about humans. So just know that I am praying for the animals and for you also. I pray one day you will experience the power of the Holy Spirit working in your life. I would love to see you in Heaven!! Please continue to keep up the great work you are doing!!

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