It’s about Nancy… something terrible is happening!


A routine visit to the Great House, and what do I see? Nancy appears to be having a seizure. This has never happened before. We have rushed her to the hospital for an emergency neurological consult… Nancy has overcome so much, she doesn’t deserve another problem. Nancy needs help again…

Please donate, help us save her!

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19 thoughts on “It’s about Nancy… something terrible is happening!”

  1. Ahmed Almansori

    Hello brother Victor, just like always i want to be part of what you guys do, Please accept this small donation from me and this is the best I can do at this time because I donate to other great people like you saving animals around the world, God bless you and your team.

  2. Magaly Ruiz

    Thank you for being these beautiful animals ángel of God.

    Much Blessings to you all.

    Las Vegas, NV., USA

  3. Etta Shultz

    Just a thought, is that a Seresto flea collar on Nancy? There is talk here in the U.S about recalling these collars for suspected pet deaths and other problems.
    Thank you for what you do.

  4. A little help for Nancy but done from the deep of my heart. Please give a kiss to her from me. Please keep us updated. LOL and cuddles from Italy ❤ Emanuela

  5. My prayers for Nancy and every little soul that has been treated unkindly by ungodly humans…..things need to change. We need to change

  6. Pamela Miller

    Oh, NOOOOO !!! Not Nancy !!! I’m beside myself … she’s such a rock star!!! … Prayers and a donation towards her treatment …

  7. Kathi Dabel’

    Take Nancy’s collar off it could cause seizures! Seresto collars can Cause seizures!! Please reply to me –
    Kathi Dabel

    1. Please don’t worry, Nancy’s collar has been removed and she is being seen by a neurologist. I will update soon.

  8. Kathi Dabel

    Take Nancy’s collar off it could be causing seizures!
    Seresto collars are known for that! Please respond Victor please let me know that you know about this please!

    1. Please don’t worry, Nancy’s collar has been removed and she is being seen by a neurologist. I will update soon.

  9. Jazz Powered

    Hopefully this little donation can assist you in the fight for Nancy.

  10. Thankyou for everything that you do. I pray for Nancy’s recovery. I hope that many small donations like mine can amount to a significant help.

  11. I donate every month regardless so please do what you can for Nancy and I would like to know how Noa is please I donate what I can afford I wish I could do more x

  12. Karan brayton

    My account has been hacked thru Facebook and 500.00 was stolen. If we can get it back I will send something to help with Nancy. Even my monthly donations had to be stopped till we get this resolved. I know it was not much but every penny helps you victor so be assured soon as I can get things handled I will be giving you new information

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