Look at this dog! This is what hunters do to their dogs in this country!


Hunting dogs in Spain are systematically mistreated and abandoned in the worst possible conditions. Lola has worked for her hunter all her life, only to be dumped to fend for herself. Lola needs us to rally! We have to make Lola whole again!

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5 thoughts on “Look at this dog! This is what hunters do to their dogs in this country!”

  1. Linda A Gold Levy

    Its absolutely appalling what some human beings can do to an inocent animal I do hope they get their comeupance & rot & suufer forever in hell

  2. Lola needs our humanity,compasion and our empathy. And the Will of those who can miss a bit to donate, so that these amazing Docters and all who are involved to give her the treatments she needs to heal,recover and to give her to real loving and caring Fosters. I did.. we can help even by giving a little bit. Many small donations are even important of a great one. I Will take Lola with me in my thoughts and heart and more..

  3. Beverly Clark

    What a shame and disgrace to do this to our animals. Praying God will stop this and Praise God for u helping these dogs like Lola. God Bless all you do!!!!

  4. Hunters listen to a different source. One that requires destruction of life, rather than the respect for it.

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