Emergency! The police wanted to put her to sleep… you will never forget Lola!


A lifetime of working for her hunter behind her, like so many others, Lola was abandoned when she was no longer of use, left to fend for herself. Found by the police after a hit and run, they wanted her to be euthanized. Lola was lucky, she was brought to our hospital, where no one ever gives up!

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20 thoughts on “Emergency! The police wanted to put her to sleep… you will never forget Lola!”

  1. Oh my god , people have no heart to do this to this poor girl , and to just throw her away like trash .. I hope she recovers .. it’s not much money but I hope if other people do the same it might go a little further to help Lola.. you all do a fantastic job with these poor defenceless animals… sending love from England

    1. Angela Manus

      I hope Lola is still hanging on, and I hope you are still giving her pain meds. God bless you, Viktor, and your team.

    2. I will donate the first when I get paid I pray she recovers asap smh this is heartbreaking I love Animals

  2. Sandra Neufeld

    She is such a sweetheart, she deserves all the luck and a loving home to forget what this heartless people did to her. All the best sweet Lola!

  3. So many animals with so much abuse and suffering: God help these poor furbabies. Know that some of us love all of you!

  4. Why would the police want to put her to sleep instead of asking the veterinarian’s opinion? It’s not the police’s area of expertise.

  5. I’m heartbroken to see this video. She’s in so much pain 🙁 just donated and wish I could give more. Hope you recover soon Lola. Thank you for everything you do for these sweet angels that just want someone to love them.

  6. What a world we are living in that dogs and other animals are treated so cruelly! Thank you and the lovely beet for taking care of her… #ifhumanscouldbesotrustedlikedogs

  7. Janet Scott

    Glad to hear from you again.Wish I could donate more but my situation keeps me from doing so. Lola is a darling girl and know you will find the perfect home for her? It’s time for her to be pampered?!

  8. Hoping to see her happy again and so grateful for all the hard work you all do to save these innocent animals

  9. Small donation for Lola. I pray that you can save her. She is beautiful.

  10. She deserves so much generosity and kindness. I trust she will get everything she needs, and more love than she ever imagined to be out there

  11. Lola reminds me of 1 of my furbabies I just lost due to old age. I wish I could do more but I made a small donation. Hopefully more people will realiazen even if you can’t make a big donation all the small donations add up. Please keep us updated about Lola.

  12. Thank you Victor for all your hard work, I appreciate all you do for the animals. I have been a Monthly donator for a few years now. Here is a little extra for Lola. So glad she was brought for care. She is in great hands, and hopefully will recover and find that there are caring, loving people and she will experience that.

  13. Claire O'Connor

    Beautiful Lola, I pray for your complete recovery and for a happy life which you deserve!!!


    Pleased be checked I mischecked donation for Lola but I meant $300,oo for one time donation , not every month.

    1. Hallo, we are looking for your donation in our system, but we couldn’t find it. Please could you tell me what email address did you use to make the donation?
      Thank you.
      Let’s Adopt Team

  15. Sandra Scoby

    I hate animal abusers evil trash beings I say beings they’re not human beings they’re pieces of trash evil beings I want these evil beings and jail for doing this to this beautiful angel that is defenseless

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