Noa is in a lot of pain… but there is hope!

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Noa has panniculitis! It’s very painful for her but she is in excellent hands, being monitored and treated 24/7 at our hospital, in intensive care. Once again, this dog needs us to continue her recovery! And she will have everything she needs! Noa has come so far, no one is giving up now!

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5 thoughts on “Noa is in a lot of pain… but there is hope!”

  1. Deb Wolfley

    Hola Viktor. I’ve read recently about some alternative treatments for Leishmaniasis and am attaching an article that lists some of the most researched supplements. I’m very worried about Noa and so admire your positive, can-do attitude to her treatment. I would be more than willing to research these supplements and have them sent to you, if your vet agrees (and you aren’t already using them).

  2. Poor Noa. I pray you get well soon and can live a normal happy life. I am glad your in good hands. Keep fighting sweetie

  3. Barbara Brown

    I pray for Noà anď all the other precious beauties youve rescued and put your own blood sweat and tears and $$$$ and for the haters out there that pick on this gentle giants heart and reputation think if u had a brain that hes helped and proven that he loves these ànimals. Hes made family and relationship and health sacrifices for them so, if hes so horrible ànd fak3 ehy would he spend time from his babies if needed to rescue and deliver across the globe. Exàctlý, no one would care nor bother to do this ifbthey didnt 1. Love animalß 2. Want to make a difference in the world 3. Love people and know that its hard grueling but m7ch rewàrd and give a better life to these poor animals tjat wrre ďone terrible thingß to by yeß, the real monsterß tjat 3xis5 in this sometimes cruel worlď.SO, HATERS WHÝ ATTACK VIKTOR ITS THE ANIMAĹ ÀBUSERS AT FAULT!!!!!! ÝO GET A CLUE STOP BASHING VIKTOR SO HE CAN ĎO HIS WORK THAT GOD CHOSE HIM FOR. AMEN PRAISE YOU VIKTOR AND STAFF AND GOD BE WITH ALL THE ANIMALS AND THOSE WHO PASSED AWAY OR DIDNT GET HELP FROM V.OR OTHER ORGS IN TIME. ANIMAL ABUSERS BEWARE KARMA COMES ÀROUND. PEACE AND LOVE THANKYOU ALWAYS V.!!!! P.ß. VIKTOR ISNT FÀKE. HE WO7LD’ INVITE US TO SEE THE RESCUES IF HE WAS HE WOULDNT HELP OTHERS LET ALONE BE CARING ANĎ LOVING TO SO MANÝ. BLESS YOU AND YOHR FAMILY AND STAFF MOST OF ALL THE PRECIOUS ANGELS IN ÝOUR CARE FOR MANY MORE RESCUES AND ADOPTIONS AND YEARS TO COME. XO SINCERELY,BARB BROWN RELAX VIKTOR THOSE WHO TRULY BELUEVE IN THIS ORG. SUPPORT ÝOU IN ANYWAÝ THEY CAN.WE GOT YA…..amen

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