You won’t believe this… Noa is back in intensive care!

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Noa has an extremely painful case of vasculitis…due to her underlying leishmaniasis. She is in intensive care, being monitored 24/7. This dog has shown us again and again that she wants to live, that she deserves to live. There is someone at her side around the clock. Noa needs your help again!

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12 thoughts on “You won’t believe this… Noa is back in intensive care!”

  1. Jenny Radtke

    I pray Noa makes a full recovery, In Jesus Christ Name, Amen

  2. God bless you and the wonderful work you do in helping these beautiful creatures. Please watch the warning or illumination of conscience by Christine Watkins.

  3. Linda Lubiner

    Noa is a sweet dog and has endured such a lot of pain. I know she is going to be looked after by your staff and will be giving a lot of love by those looking after her. I really thought she was out of the woods and going to be free from all this medical endurance. Big hugs to her.

  4. Noa has me in tears again. She has been through so much keep fighting Noa.She deserves to have a forever home and a healthy happy life . All the rescue animals do.

  5. Susan Bailey

    For Noa, may she recover and live her life pain free.

    Thank you for your compassion and all you do.

  6. For Noa — i hope that somehow your physical pain will be smaller and i will pray that the vets can improve your condition with medication and rest. And thank you Viktor for caring so much to those who need help.

  7. Get well, Noa. Get well asap. That is an order. We are all waiting to see you become a happy go lucky dog, being spoiled rotten for the rest of your long life. Do NOT disappoint us, Noa.Please, do not disappoint us.

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