Meet Coffee… they broke his leg and left him in the pound! Look at his eyes!

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Coffee is a good dog. Indeed, Coffee is a great dog! Even so, he found himself in the pound, on the kill list, with a broken leg that had been hurting him for days. What did he do wrong? Nothing, nothing at all. We rescued him from the pound in the nick of time and now we will heal him, whatever it takes, because we know that you will help him too. Coffee needs you today!

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9 thoughts on “Meet Coffee… they broke his leg and left him in the pound! Look at his eyes!”

    1. Cheral Bond

      Coffee looks like he could be my dog’s brother. I rescued Chelsey 8 years ago this week. Coffee deserves a wonderful life, he already has a friendly loving soul even though he must be in pain. Looking forward to seeing him healthy and happy in a forever home.

  1. Emy Taniguchi

    Prayers for Coffee and all the animals you are trying to save.

    1. God will help Coffee and all your rescued fur babies. They all deserve a happy life. Praying for Coffee’s complete recovery and healing and to ALL the rescued fur babies. They are God’s angels. God bless them and for all the work you do.

  2. Cindy Falanga

    Thank you for rescuing Coffee and all the other furbabies. I will make my donation to Coffee a monthly one as long as I can. God bless you, your staff and the work you do Please give updates when possible!! Thank you

  3. Poor baby. I can’t give a lot, but I hope it helps. Thankyou for everything that you do for these poor babies. You are an angel.

  4. Dear Coffee.
    May you find healing and strength sweet boy.
    Sending prayers and good thoughts from Texas.

  5. Thanks again for saving this sweet dog Coffee.
    You’re an amazing man, i have no other word for you!

  6. This is for Coffee. Please save him and all the other beautiful black dogs.

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