Please don’t ignore me… I need your help today!

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Early this year we rescued Molly, the sweetest gentle giant you all grew to love. With an open fracture in one of her rear legs, we operated to provide a temporary solution while her infection remitted and her skin healed enough for us to operate definitively. The time is here! Molly goes into her final surgery tomorrow, and she needs your help again today!
Please donate, help us save Molly!

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4 thoughts on “Please don’t ignore me… I need your help today!”

  1. Oana Arsenescu

    Because tomorrow is an important day for Christians, may God help this beautiful & kind dog to recover completely, you & your team to continue to support all the animals you rescued until now and the vet team to make miracles with their hands & knowledge. God bless you all!

  2. Cynthia Hilliard

    Just lost one of my dear shitzhus two weeks ago.. his death came seemed overbite he had had a stroke and couldn’t walk..after a vet visit he continued to go downhill..I knew he was dying..I told him I loved him and to wait for me in heaven.. God bless you and all who donate and give the critical care needed to these gifts from God we call own best friends…they only ask for our love..may you continue this “Love work” for all these animals in need.. you’re truly doing God’s work here on earth

  3. Molly beautiful doggie I am praying for your speedy recovery. God blessings to Viktor Team and the wonderful doctors and technicians for all that you are all doing. Thank You.

  4. Send my love to Molly! I am heartbroken when I see her sad eyes. Thank you so much that you help her! God bless you!

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