Shocking! Abused, blind St Bernard found desperately looking for food!

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Elektra was found by the roadside, alone and starving! She cannot see and can hardly walk. Severely underweight and anaemic, it’s a miracle she has survived. We will do everything we can to help her recover, and for that we need your help today.

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11 thoughts on “Shocking! Abused, blind St Bernard found desperately looking for food!”

  1. I will ask the universe to save you dear,beautiful Elektra. I will ask the universe to punish those who made you feel like your are feeling now. I wish I could donate more, but I don’t have job yet.

  2. Accroche-toi belle et courageuse Elektra !
    Tiens bon!
    Ne lâche rien, s’il te plaît.
    et continue, bas toi ma chérie
    ✨Que la force Divine, les médecins du Ciel, les forces lumineux t’accompagne, te soutiens à chaque seconde, te recharge en énergie, et que tu puisses enfin véritablement vivre pleinement, entouré d’amour, de profond respect, beaucoup de douceur, de bienveillance une infinie douceur d’amour.
    Merci de réaliser ces prières pour Elektra.
    Avec gratitude.

    Merci infiniment à toutes les personnes qui donnent tout pour la sauver ! Que le ciel vous bénisse tous

  3. Such beauty deserves to smile again. There’s not enough harsh punishments to put a stop to all this abuse to god’s creatures

  4. Marie Santoro

    I want to adopt Electra please. I am a patron. Please contact me. I want her. I have experience with blind dogs. I had one and rescued her as well. She reached age 13 and passed away in my arms. I will do the same for Electra.

  5. This is heartbreaking. I have made a donation but wish I could donate more. Bless all of you for helping Elektra.

  6. My heart is breaking for this girl. I hope that with ICU treatment she will show encouraging progress soon.

  7. Ann mendoza

    All your videos break my heart. How can people be so cruel, I hope they too suffer and know how it feels. I send monthly and extra when I can.. wish I could do more. Bless you all x

  8. Praying for Elektra. Thank You for all you do for these precious animals.

  9. Please get better Elektra, so many good people are praying for you, beautiful big Girl ❤️

  10. Dear God,
    Please take away all these human who turn into monster abusing dogs and all animals & bless all the people who rescue dogs in need. BLESS Electra for a 2nd chance please

  11. Linda Hooper

    God bless this beautiful creature and may he find a wonderful family to love him for the rest of his days…..

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