Noa is in critical condition, but she is still fighting!

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Unbelievably, Noa was operated again at the weekend. She was starting to present intussusception and bloat again… We performed a gastropexy this time, tacking the stomach to the abdominal wall, to prevent this situation from re-occurring.

She is an amazing dog to go through all these procedures so well. If ever a dog showed a will to live, that is Noa! And we are fighting with her!

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4 thoughts on “Noa is in critical condition, but she is still fighting!”

  1. Judy Embry

    If she were my dog, I would euthanize her. She is suffering with so little hope of recovering.

  2. It boils my blood when people say, put (them) to sleep. We certainly are quick to pull the trigger when it comes to an animal’s life. If a person is gravely ill, hospitalized, hooked to machines, not too many would say put them to sleep.
    If this team wants to do everything they can to help her heal, they should do that. Victor will not let any animal suffer needlessly, she is in knowledgeable and loving hands.

  3. Just donated for Noa. Praying to God that she gets better soon! Keep fighting Noa, we love you.

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