Emergency! Our baby has stones in his kidney!

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Rocky, our grumpy baby, rescued 4 years ago in a terrible state, was never adopted because he is a biter. Abused and mistreated all his life, who can blame him? Rocky lives with my own dogs, biting me (and visitors!) regularly. His health has always been a concern, and now he has not only a huge stone in his bladder, but another in his kidney! He needs surgery, by no means a simple procedure, to relieve his constant pain! He needs our help, and we need yours!

Please donate, help us save Rocky!

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3 thoughts on “Emergency! Our baby has stones in his kidney!”

  1. Imelda Wilson

    Rocky is a beautiful pup/dog. I hope he gets much better. I have 4 PW Corgi and I love and care for them so beautifully. Please update.

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