Urgent! This puppy’s life is at stake! She cannot swallow…

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Cory is just 3 months old. Her entire life is in front of her. Yet… she is in grave danger of not living much longer. She has a condition called megaoesophagus, which prevents her from swallowing. She is only alive now because she is being fed through a tube directly into her stomach. We need to find the source of her condition in order to treat it… we cannot let her die!

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9 thoughts on “Urgent! This puppy’s life is at stake! She cannot swallow…”

  1. Ron Driskill


    I hope you get well soon. The work you are doing is very loving and worthwhile. I donate regularly each month.

  2. Cheral Bond

    My prayers are for this sweet little puppy and the vet doctors.

  3. Cathy Sunshine

    Please let us know the update on sweet Cory. I would love to adopt her. She is my favorite breed. I always wanted a dog like her.

  4. Kimberly Hobbs

    I hope and pray little Cory beats this and gets well very soon……she’s such an adorable, precious little angel!! And I also hope you heal and completely recover from Covid Victor. I’m sending healing prayers your way…….God Bless you…..and little Cory!

  5. Thank you a tiny gift for a precious life. Thank you for all you do

  6. Debs Parton

    If you can get her well, I would like to consider giving her a good home with me in England. I lost my collie, Amber, on 22 December. She was 16.5yrs old. Had her from 7wks. Her kidneys failed because she was old. She was fit and well and walked every day up until she died. Cory could have a home with me, if she can get well. I will look out for more news on her and donate when i can

  7. Elizabeth Greco-Nieves

    Thank you Viktor and your team for all you do to help these precious animals without a voice. Prayers from Long Island NY.

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