Dramatic rescue! Dog with terrible fracture begs for help!

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We found Molly in the hills, in the middle of nowhere… inexplicably with a badly fractured leg and other injuries. We have no idea where she came from, but now she is with us and faces an uphill battle to save that infected leg. She needs us all today, as she travels to our clinic.

Please donate, help us save Molly!

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10 thoughts on “Dramatic rescue! Dog with terrible fracture begs for help!”

  1. Congratulations and Thank you for everything you do. You are angels.

  2. Thank you so much for your kindness and goodness to all the animals in need.

  3. Stephanie Bazan

    Further to my previous message – I wanted to donate toward’s Molly’s fund on a non-monthly basis (and indicated accordingly) but when I entered the amount it showed up as monthly after it. If you advise how to do this without monthly showing I will donate.
    I am worried that this will stop people donating to your valuable work and look forward to hearing from you on this point – thank you

  4. Peter Allen - London

    Well done and what a lovely job you are doing for the love of dogs

  5. Hi, this is Poran from Sweden. My pleasure to help you Viktor Larkhil for saving dogs. I hope beloved Molly can find lovely kind home for ever. I like to hear about her how it goes with her treatment.
    Thank you and good luck.

  6. Claire O'Connor

    I am praying for Molly’s complete recovery of infection and mending of the fractured leg bone.

  7. Jasmin Acevedo

    Le pido a Dios que le puedan salvar la pata a Molly. Es tan dulce y tranquila, quiero verla feliz y corriendo.

  8. Julie Tone

    For Sweet Molly who never deserved what her humans did to her. Thanking God you found her and she is getting the help and love she needs.

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