SOS! They broke her two front legs and left her suffering for 10 days!

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Bonita broke her 2 front legs 10 days ago! Since then she has received no more than 2 bandages, which were never changed. No pain relief. Just constant suffering. We rescued her in the nick of time just when she was taken to be euthanized!  After driving across the country, she is now in our hospital, battling a bacterial infection before we can operate.

Bonita is the sweetest dog please donate, help us save her!

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20 thoughts on “SOS! They broke her two front legs and left her suffering for 10 days!”

  1. Just seen the video on YouTube, my heart hurts for this beautiful girl. Donation sent with so much love, thanks and prayers. X

  2. Claire O'Connor

    Praying for Bonita! Thank you Viktor, Sergio, Linda and the rest of the team for trying to save Bonita’s life!!!

  3. Vickie D. from Washington DC, USA

    God bless this beautiful baby! She is now in good hands. I hope this helps a little with Bonita’s treatments. I just love Victor and the entire Let’s Adopt Organization especially Maribel and all the fur babies

  4. Julie windsor

    I love this little dog, if I could I would have her, she’s beautiful and brave.

  5. Helena Tapper

    Bonita’s story touched me deeply. Thank you so much for rescuing her.

  6. Dear Universe, please, save and protect all the animals from people. People are the worst creatures in the world. I hope they will be punished.

  7. Donna Marie Pothier

    Omg. That baby has suffered. Thank you for getting her. I am a Patreon, and will donate extra if I can. You all are awesome. She will be in good hands now. Prayers for Bonita.

  8. Jacqueline

    Hope my small donation can help. I donate monthly on Patreon as well. Poor Bonita. So happy she is getting the help she needs now. Fingers crossed she makes a good recovery with her legs. Breaks my heart to see this kind of thing happening

  9. Karen Benton

    Please, give Bonita all of my love and affection. She will be healed. Love Karen

  10. Jodi Harrold

    Donated for Bonita. Bless her heart. She looks so sweet. I feel so badly for all of the pain and suffering that she has endured.

  11. irene feaster

    Thank You for Saving these babies❣️❤️✝️❤️✝️❤️

  12. Pamela Hart

    This is the only dog I’ve ever donated to as when I first set eyes on her she brought all my childhood memories of my first ever dog I was given and as my life was bad she made my life a little better but my mother new how much the dog meant to me she took it and had it put to sleep while she had me wait outside. I never ever forgot her and I never ever forgave my mother for what she did to her . I hope she’s well and that she’s being loved . If I could give her a home I would in flash however I couldn’t afford to come get her she’s beautiful and I pray she lives a long and happy life from this moment on

  13. Trisha O'Lowney

    This donation is for BONITA. I was hit by a car at 50mph and broke many bones. I had 2 femoral surgeries and I can tell you, she IS in agony. Please send info about international adoptions. This was supposed to be a one-time donation. I’ll send more as I can. Thank you for EVERYTHING you ALL ❤ do!

  14. Trisha O'Lowney

    This was supposed to be a one-time donation of “40.00 for Bonita. I’ll send more as I can. Thank you for EVERYTHING you ALL ❤ do!

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