Kitty found suffering under the scorching sun… help us save him!

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Michael was found in the streets of a local village… in unbearable heat and in an awful state. He wouldn’t have survived another 24 hours. We rushed him to our hospital, where he is receiving care. His condition is critical. We will do everything that we can… he needs you.

Please donate, help us save him!

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Donation Total: $50.00 Monthly

19 thoughts on “Kitty found suffering under the scorching sun… help us save him!”

  1. Barbara Altwegg

    I once signed up to give you 20 dollars a month throughout the year – is this something which works and you get the 20 dollars each month??? Yours Barbara from Zurich.

  2. Steph Thomas

    I am a patrion but will always give extra when I can. I hope he pulls through ❤

  3. Julie Wichterman

    Many many Thank You’s Viktor to you & your Angel’s for the amazing & wonderful work that you all do!!! Looking forward to seeing Michael heal and to be loved & spoiled for his many remaining year’s. I do hope that you read my comment under Michael’s video so that you will understand my attachment to this beautiful young man

  4. Carol in Seattle

    This is extra from my monthly donation to help save Michael the kitty. Sending prayers that he recovers and finds a loving home.

  5. Nikki & Paula

    We Just had to donate to this gorgeous little man, couldn’t afford much but we gave what we could xx

  6. I’m a 300lb. big biker and this kitty has me in tears… Until my finances are better, I will donate as I can, before I commit to a recurring monthly donation. PEACE.

  7. Birgit van de Sand

    This donation is for the handsome tomcat Michael. I pray for him. Fight Michael you wonderful soul.

  8. Carolyn Murphy

    Hope Michael recovers soon. Thank you for all yous do to save these beautiful creatures

  9. Not a lot but I donated. This poor boy needs to live. Thank you for what you do!

  10. This is for Michael, such a sweet kitty, sending him love and prayers.

  11. Why aren’t there any updates on Michael? I’m very interested to know how he is. If he’s doing better, that’s great. If he not better, well, that’s part of life. Please give us an update on Michael. Thank you.

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