Look at him… he didn’t deserve this!

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No dog deserves to be abandoned… Logan was dumped on the streets and has barely survived until now… sick, he is a picture of dejection and despair.

Please donate, help us bring this beautiful dog back to life!

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3 thoughts on “Look at him… he didn’t deserve this!”

  1. Colleen Moceri

    Please take good care of him and thank you for what you do.

  2. I’m donating toward helping Logan. This broke my heart.We have always had a pair of German Shepard’s for the last 48 years. The 2 we have now are rescues and living their best life! I hope my small donation can help a little bit. I will donate again next month

  3. Hi Victor, thank you for rescueing Logan. When I look at his eyes, I can see our own German Sheperd. Je is 6 years now. They are the most loyal animals on earth- they would do everything for their owner. How must he be destroyed inside his heart after being abandoned. I cry when I see the sadness and the questions in his eyes.
    Thank you a lot for bringing hin back to life.
    Please let me know a adress. I would like to send him a ‚Special german Sheperd‘ present Box. I know, for what they are going crazy. Please send me a post adress, with best regards from pur family and pur GSD- je wishes also all the best to Logan

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