EMERGENCY! Emaciated German Shepherd needs your help!

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Young, yet old in appearance, LOGAN was abandoned for goodness knows how long… we picked him up, downtrodden, skin and bones, covered in ticks, fleas and filth. He is in terrible shape… we will do whatever is needed to save him.

Please donate, help us save Logan!

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25 thoughts on “EMERGENCY! Emaciated German Shepherd needs your help!”

  1. Please do all you can to help Logan I particularly love german shepherds they are such intelligent loyal dogs. I wish I could donate more but I am a disabled pensioner. Thanks Gwen x

  2. Eleanor McEwan

    Absolutely heartbreaking, poor Logan abandoned by the people he no doubt loved the most, and in such a pitiful state, what I’d do to have my two back here with me again, sadly they’ve both passed away due to old age. How can anyone can just turn away and leave their dog and not wonder every day what they are going through? It’s just dreadful! I truly hope he gets through this and lives out the rest of his life with someone who will love and care for him.

  3. Hi ,I cannot do a monthly gift at the moment but I’ll send you money to you when I can , I love what you do , and I follow you and takis every day . Keep up the amazing eork your doing …. cx

  4. Dear Viktor,

    Please keep us updated on Logan’s health status. I do have a working line short coat GSD whose name is called Chewbarkka

    It hurts me to see someone who abandoned their fiercely loyal, loving and protective.

    Thank you for doing this amazing job of rescuing him. God bless!

  5. I would love to adopt this wonderful dog. Please contact me via my email.

  6. Praying you can save this dog. So hard on the poor babies! God Bless you for all you do!

  7. I have been watching your youtube channel 4 years now. I tried donatin inNovember and I guess it went theough just one time but it was supposed to be a monthly recurring donation
    I do not know what happened. Anyway, I am doing it now and I hope this will go through fine. Kudos to your organozation for savong those lives and continue doing so.

  8. Birgit van de Sand

    Für Logan,die arme Seele.Ich bete für ihn. Ist Leishmaniose heilbar Victor? Ich hoffe es so sehr für Logan.So ein hübsches Mädchen.

  9. Mikelle Carr

    Always, Viktor … you and yours give to them. I am honored to give back

  10. Jayne Goad

    Logan reminds me a lot of my wonderful GSD, Oskar, that my husband and I rescued from a shelter in 2017. Oskar’s ears looked a lot like Logan’s but it was his temperament, disposition, and attitude that really reminded me of Oskar. I hope and pray Logan makes a full recovery and finds a home deserving of this loyal, loving dog.

  11. Dear Viktor,
    We got a GSD called Chewbarkka and it hurts us to see Logan is abused like this.

    Pls keep us updated on Logan’s status. Thank you for saving him.

  12. Trudi SCOTT

    I want to donate more to help Logan. If I can I will try to give more later.

  13. Pray that Logan gets well soon and a loving family ready to adopt him. God bless you Viktor and your team and the people at the vet hospital.

  14. We would be interested in the german shepard. We live in the US how do we find out more information?

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