I found a huge snake in the garden…

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This weekend we started work clearing the garden of the Great House… a massive undertaking. We disturbed some wildlife… including an enormous snake! We need your continued help to get ready for this move.

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1 thought on “I found a huge snake in the garden…”

  1. Domenja Carrérot

    Yeah Viktor, living in the countryside, you’ll meet mice, mosquitos, bees, snakes, etc. Just to tell you, the snake that was found isn’t venomous, nor dangerous at all, but they are very useful against… mice !!! In France they are called “Couleuvres”. The two are protected here and one can’t kill them.
    You can easily recognize between venomous snakes and those one :
    1)Those inoffensive have round pupil in the eyes, when viper’s pupil is vertical
    2) The tail of those inoffensive one is long and thin, when viper’s is shorter and thicker
    3) The scales on the head of the inoffensive are large, on viper they are small and tight.
    4) You can quite easily see those inoffensive one because they loves to lie in the sun, it doesn’t attack but will tend to escape or lie on its back, it is fearful, while the viper hides in the cool and when disturbed it attacks and stings… or bites (?), releasing its venom … So don’t worry, be happy !!! I hope this helps you all find peace of mind… Thanks for your wonderful work. Hasta la vista !

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