Goodbye, Sarah…

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Today I am appealing for your help… we need to get Sarah to her forever home

Please donate, help Sarah travel home!

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7 thoughts on “Goodbye, Sarah…”

  1. Aleksandra

    I love you all and the wonderful loving work you do for the animals, God bless you ❤

  2. Sarah is a beautiful dog. I wish you all the best in your journey.
    Victor please leave a comment and video on your health.
    Also please let us know how the woman and her pets fared with you. She wanted to live ion the street but you helped her. I hope she made if. Sincerely Tish

  3. Linda Manussen-Schirmann

    Hello to you all,

    Since about a year we donate monthly to your organisation. We think most of the money obtained by donations will be spend on surgery, medication and food.
    Of course it is very important to find a new good, happy, save home for rescued doggies.

    We would like to expressly state that this commentary is intented as thinking along and not to provide negative critisism.

    On one hand we think it’s very noble for Viktor (and part of his team) to bring most of the dogs to their new homes him self, especially for most dogs a trusted person is going along. On the other hand the (high) costs that need to be spent for that matter are probably also paid from the donations.

    In the first place we are proud off people who are willing to offer a dog a new safe, happy home. We are not sure if new owners already do contribute for the journey (perhaps a part).
    Again we are happy that Viktor is willing to bring the dogs him self, but the costs, incase a flight is needed, are also expensive.
    Now Covid 19 is reason for Sarah to be brought to her new owners in the Netherlands in another way then the team is normally used to.
    Perhaps, also taking health of Viktor into count, their are other ways to bring the dogs to their new homes.

    My husband and myself are originally from the Netherlands, 3 years ago we moved into Germany where we live happily with our 3 dogs.

    We wish to thank Viktor, his team, all donars, volunteers, medical staff for rescuing so many dogs.
    Hopefully you can continue your good work with the help of donations.

    Loving greetings Linda and Lars

  4. David barragan

    Sara I don’t know but
    I love you.
    I own a beautiful Boston terrier.
    I will do anything for her.
    You been through alot.
    I pray for to happy were ever you go. And bless you journey
    I don’t know viktor personally
    But I sure he will make sure this
    For ever home is the right for you beautiful sara.
    I wish can hung you.
    Love from Zorra and the whole family.

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