Sweetie! a tiny baby in desperate need of help !

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We have received an urgent request for help..  Sweetie, a Tiny Chihuahua mix has been found at a trailer park outside Seattle. The girl that found him was in shock, apart from our rescue videos she had never seen a dog in such a terrible condition. Most of his hair is missing, his mouth is in a terrible condition, most of his teeth are dangling and about to fall and he has terrible signs of abuse and neglect. 

At first Sweetie was terrified of her but upon seeing that she wasn´t going to hit him he relaxed and allowed himself to be touched and loved. It´s absolutely heartbreaking to see such a tiny and helpless animal in such a terrible condition. We can only imagine what he has gone through and for so long to end up in this state.

Sweetie has been taken to a local vet and found in a severe state of dehydration, most of his hair is gone due to a combination of mange and fleas and he is going to need surgery in his mouth to deal with it all the dangling and rotten pieces.

He is just a tiny helpless little baby… SWEETIE NEEDS HELP !

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