SNOW was carried to us in the arms of local police, who had found him meowing in pain by a bar door.

SNOW front paw has been cut in half. The tissue is dead and full of maggots, which have dug tunnels in his arm, in an attempt to leave.

We had to amputate at carpus level in order to save his leg. The priority now is TO PREVENT THE INFECTION FROM SPREADING and causing SEPTIC SHOCK. When he is completely stable, we will use a GRAFT to enable him to use the leg again.


SNOW is an adorable kitty and deserves to livePlease DONATE, HELP US SAVE HIM!


P.S. When SNOW has recovered, he will need a wonderful home, where he will be loved and cared for. If you think that home could be yours, please E-MAIL ME AND SEND PHOTOS OF YOUR ANIMALS TO v.larkhill@gmail.com

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  • So small and precious. This must be so hard. Poor baby I know he is just so scared. I wonder how he had gotten himself in that situation or someone hurt on purpose. Now he will be in loving hands with the best care in the world. Thank you for saving his life.

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