THE POLICE FOUND HER ON THE STREET, BROKEN, and brought her to the hospital in a CARDBOARD BOX.

SUKI IS A BEAUTIFUL LITTLE BLACK CAT, with bright yellow eyes and a charming sweet nature.

We could hear her meowing weakly from pain as soon as we opened the box, and immediately saw what was wrong… beneath her black coat, we could touch the terrible fracture of her femur that has torn through muscle and is threatening to rupture the skin.

Gently, in an attempt not to hurt her, we installed Suki in a comfortable cage and stabilised her leg.

The X-rays show a terrible fracture that, if not operated, will leave Suki lame for the rest of her life.

SUKI is being stabilised to be operated in the next 48 hours.

She didn’t deserve thisSHE NEEDS YOU, HELP US SAVE HER!


P.S. When she has recovered, SUKI will need a wonderful family to look after her as she deserves. If you think that your family could do that, please write to me at v.larkhill@gmail.com. Tell me about your family and send me photos of you and your animals.

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