We have never seen such brutality in such a small, defenceless animal. He was found last night in Torrente, a town near Valencia, in an open garbage container flooded by rain.

That’s where Bodi was discovered, floating among the garbage, struggling to breathe, with his head and jaw destroyed by blows.

This is a case of extreme brutality. His attacker’s blows focused on the head, and were so merciless that half his lower jaw remained floating in the container after his rescue. His tongue is torn and is just one of our greatest concerns.

He has had a plasma transfusion, we have performed a tracheotomy to help him breathe, a feeding tube has been inserted in his oesophagus and his tongue has been sutured in an attempt to save it. His jaw has been temporarily stabilised.

I have never before seen such destruction. PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO!


Bodi is in the ICU of the Valencia Sur Veterinary Hospital, where a team of the best veterinarians is fighting for his life.

I promise that we will do EVERYTHING he needs.

BODI is going to need your help to get through this. DONATE, HELP US SAVE HIM.


P.S. We are fighting for BODI. When he recovers, he will need a wonderful family to help him forget this hell. If you think that family is yours, please e-mail me and send me pictures of your animals to

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  • After following ‘Let’s adopt’ for almost two years I thought nothing could shock me, but seeing that poor little dog lying on that table – I am speechless.
    It’s not much I can donate but I will pray for him.
    Thank you for fighting for him and all the others…

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