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It happened just before Christmas… Deep inside a dungeon filled with derelict chicken cages I found a dog, Toby. He was in the worst condition imaginable.

The room was covered in debris, bird remains, rat feces, pools of urine and dry blood.

Processed with MOLDIV

Cold and humid, an acid smell lingers and hurts our eyes and nose, in a corner, rolled onto himself to preserve whatever heat he could, there was a dog, hairless, weak, shaking in pain, barely strong enough to lift his head that looks at me with pleading eyes.

Leishmaniasis, Ehrlichiosis and blood infection. Old broken bones, set in place by themselves.


Four months later Toby´s transformation is nothing short of amazing… but our job is not over yet… Toby´s left leg joint (his “wrist”, if he was human) has been completely damaged by the disease. The bones have, literally, dissolved.

Toby needs to be operated, we need to instal a Titanium Plate along his leg, one that will fix the joint in place and give his leg stability so that it can be used again.

HELP US COMPLETE TOBY´S TREATMENT..  Help us finish the job we started four months ago…



After Toby´s surgery, he will be ready to be adopted. Toby needs a beautiful family that loves him and will protect him for the rest of his life… if you are that family, please write to me on v.larkhill@gmail.com . Please include pictures of you and your animals.

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