In a few words, that was the urgent message I received the other day, which came with a veterinary report. Either we took the rabbit, or he would be killed.

It took us four hours to drive to the small village on Spain’s central plain where a local rescue group handed over the rabbit, who they had called FORREST.

Rabbits are extremely delicate animals, both physically and emotionally. “Prey” on the food chain, a rabbit’s response is always to run and hide. But this was impossible in the dog pound, where Forrest was slowly dying.

The blood tests run when we arrived at the hospital show that he is extremely weak, after hardly any food or water intake over the last few days.

FORREST has several fractures, an open fracture of his rear right leg, tibia and fibula and digits on his front right leg and several broken ribs…

FORREST has been stabilised and fed and his blood tests are improving. If all goes well, we could operate tomorrow morning…

Humans are contradictory by nature… rabbits are considered food in our country, but we can still feel compassion for an injured bunny that deserves another chance.

A weak and delicate bunny rabbit, with several fractures, one of them open… we’re going to do everything we can to save him… but we’re going to need you.

The operation will be first thing tomorrow. Please, help us save him…


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Once recovered, FORREST will need a wonderful home… Please write to v.larkhill@gmailcom, including photos of your animals, if you think you are the perfect home for him.

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  • Not all humans are contradictory, most animal rescue and veterinarians that I know are vegan, they realize the hypocrisy of putting so much effort to save a single animal, while killing animals three times a day by eat animals. So in actuality more animals could be saved by staying at home and just going vegan. I would hope your staff would take this contradiction and Hipocrisy serious and consider going vegan to be consistent in your mission. Currently your mission is more or less “we will do what we can to save you unless we want to eat you, then we’ll give you zero consideration and kill you”

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