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“They are among us… the abusers, and those capable of abandoning an animal so that he dies the most painful and lonely death. The cowards…”

An urgent email, two young girls writing to us from a small village in the middle of Andalousia. They were desperately begging for help, to save the life of a dog with “something horrible coming from inside her body”.

They sent us a picture and what we saw was completely devastating. It was SHOCKING!. The mass was perforating her chest, and growing outside, pulsating, moving, bleeding… it had a life on it´s own!.


This horror didn´t develop overnight… It took years for this monstrous mass to get to this point, surely her owners must have noticed earlier on. Sadly, those people did what only a coward would do… they threw Lisa onto the deserted fields, to die of thirst and starvation.

We don´t know how has Lisa managed to survive in such conditions while carrying around this monstrosity… We can only imagine her desperation, feeling her body rot, how she coped with the smell of decay and the pain the monster eating her flesh and transforming it into something she couldn´t understand.


We knew it was a matter of time until Lisa gave up completely, so we urgently organised her transport across the country to our Hospital. I will never forget her face the moment we got her out of that car, the putrid smell, and her desperate face pleading for help….

Please Watch this video, you´ll understand…


LISA is now in Intensive Care at one of the country´s best hospitals. Her blood tests are as bad as they could be expected. Her hematocrits level is, in the words of our internal medicine specialist, incompatible with life.

We are giving her a blood transfusion, we need to stabilise her before we perform to a CT scan and evaluate the damage caused by the mass. We have already performed a set of X-rays, and the mass, although growing large and destructive is NOT COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL.

LISA is going to need the best specialists and the latest technology available, but we promise you WE WILL DO EVERYTHING TO SAVE HER LIFE…



P.S. Follow LISA´s updates, Visit and Like us on Facebook: Viktor Larhill Extreme Rescue.

P.S. After her surgery and treatment, LISA is going to need a home that will give her everything she ever wanted but could never ask for… Please write to me at telling me about you, your family and animals…

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