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CORA: Raped and forced to live in a cage surrounded by excrements. HELP US TO GIVE HER A NEW LIFE!!

That was Cora’s life… It could have been a wonderful life, loved and cherished by a family.

But she never got the chance… the breeder chose her to be “useful” and set her to work for him as a sex slave. Because that is exactly what CORA was for her owner.

For her entire life, CORA has lived in a filthy cage, surrounded by dirt and a smell that is difficult to describe. A life with absolutely NOTHING. Cora has never seen a bed, she lived in a wire cage. Cora has never seen a sofa, never been taken for a walk, never left that hellhole. Cora has never run, or played with other dogs.

Cora has been living in hell. A special kind of hell only known to little dogs like her…

A hell where she was forcibly raped by a male dog every six months. Because that is what it was, rape.

Some people might read this and complain that the word rape only ever applies to humans, giving a little speech about ethics.

But I won’t care, and neither will thousands of animal lovers, because we know what these breeders do to maximise profits, seeking larger litters and reduced costs; they care nothing about the health of these miserable dogs.

She was raped, she got pregnant, she had puppies and a few weeks later they were taken from her to be sold. If you have a Yorkie, it could well be descended from Cora.

Cora’s condition is absolutely terrible. She has ehrlichia, a tick-borne disease that has left her with a low white cell count; her ears are completely infected and she is in terrible pain. Cora’s mouth is putrid. The plaque left by years of rotting food has caused a generalised infection, retracting her gums.  Cora needs surgery; she will lose most of her teeth.

Cora has such terrible anaemia that she will need a transfusion in the next few hours in order to survive… PLEASE WATCH CORA´S VIDEO AND YOU WILL UNDERSTAND THE CONDITION SHE´S IN… 

Despite all this, despite the rape, the sale of her puppies, despite all her pain and suffering… despite everything, CORA WANTS TO LIVE!!

CORA is going to need weeks of hospitalisation before she can be adopted. She is not in a good place, but we hope it is not too late..



After her treatment, CORA will need a wonderful family to look after her. Please write to v.larkhill@gmail.com if you think that yours is that family.

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  • ive already donate for this precious baby..it makes me feel sad to know about her history :( i wish her to get well soon and to find some family who bring her lot happines with care and love.

  • Absolutely horrible. I will donate as soon as I can and hope this little one makes a physical and psychological recovery and finds love and happiness forever in a new home

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