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AVA: Hit with a wooden bar and left to rot alive for TWO YEARS!!!


Of all animal abuse cases we deal with it´s the slow, extended and callous types that really get me. There are people capable of watching an animal die slowly, of seeing them decay in front of their eyes, and of doing nothing.

We received a telephone call a couple of days ago… a woman wanted someone to do something for her neighbour’s dog. She was horrified and she was begging for help.

We asked her to send us a picture and she sent us THIS!!!

We couldn´t believe our eyes. At first we couldn´t really understand what we were looking at.


We were in tears… so immediately we phoned and asked for more details. Apparently someone hit AVA on the face with a wooden stick two years ago. During this time she was denied treatment, and progressively got worse.. and worse… and now she was clearly rotting away and their home smelled bad, so the owner wanted to get rid of her..

Our shock was huge, knowing how AVA had been suffering all that time. Two years of brutal pain, her face swelling, infection eating her bones, muscle, tissues away… Her pain… it´s beyond comprehension.

Please Watch this video, you´ll understand…

Yesterday we drove there and we rescued AVA. Her owner was delighted to give her away, she couldn´t stand her; she smelled like death, she said.

We gave her a long hard look, held AVA tight in our arms and drove away…

AVA is now in Intensive Care at one of the best Referral Hospitals in the country. Her blood tests are appalling and reflect years of chronic infection and neglect. We don´t understand how she has been able to survive for so long…


AVA is in the best possible hands right now. We are working hard at stabilising her and as soon as her albumin levels allow it, we will sedate her and perform a CT scan to properly asses the destruction of her face and skull.

AVA is going to need extremely specialised care and possibly several surgeries to recover from her ordeal, but we promise you we will do ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING to see her tiny beautiful face smile again…

Her blood levels are terrible and SHE NEEDS ALL THE HELP WE CAN GIVE HER.. This is why she is receiving a BLOOD TRANSFUSION. As soon as she is able to withstand sedation we will do a CT Scan to fully understand the extent of the damage!!!



I can only tell you one thing… I have just gone through SOME OF THE MOST MOVING MOMENTS IN MY LIFE AS A RESCUER. AVA has done great, such a beautiful little fighter. Since she arrived to our hospital she seemed to realise that she was in good hands, and just let herself be loved.
We immediately started pumping her with antibiotics, we stabilised her, gave her a blood transfusion at a moment when she was crashing… This afternoon, with her hematocrits level on 25, we sedated her and performed her CT Scan.
AVA is resting now… we did a biopsy, tests are being performed. I have never seen a mass of this size.

We have just met with the medical team and, in tears, analysed the CT images. Cancer is eating her alive… it has been eating her alive for TWO YEARS!
The nasal bone and turbinates are completely destroyed by a mass that invades the entire nasal cavity, is mineralised and uptakes contrast.
The image is suggestive of ADVANCED NASAL CHONDROSARCOMA.
The cytology is also compatible with sarcoma.
The cancer is in such an advanced stage that is it completely inoperable.
Those of you who have been following us for years know how hard we fight for our rescues. Some think that we work miracles, but no, it is all thanks to the animals’ will to live combined with amazing support from our friends, from you.
But sometimes we find cases for which even all our hard work and one of the country’s best team of veterinarians can do nothing.
We are so sorry.
Join us in crying for a little dog that you never met but who, in just a few hours, became an important part of all our lives.

So long as we are being remembered, we remain alive.
You, my friend, will live forever.


We did everything, absolutely everything for her. We wanted her to live her remaining years surrounded by peace and love. It wasn´t possible. AVA has died victim of the cruelty and indifference of people.



P.S. After her treatment and facial reconstruction would have been over,  AVA was going to need an amazing home.. a home that would have given her everything she ever wanted but could never ask for… If you feel you would have been that home please write to me at v.larkhill@gmail.com



  • Are any charges going to be put to these horrific people? In my country it is now a felony to do animal abuse in
    all 50 states. US This is not just neglect , it is torture. Bless you all.

  • hello viktor ,

    I am very sad. At least , Ava knew she was loved at the end .
    She is at peace. what is going on ? Someone has put
    on facebook this about ava iis a lie and made up.
    people are really jealous of you .


    • this broke my heart so sad but at least she felt love and caring from you all before she left for heaven. God Bless you for trying and all you do.

  • How is it that she was able to survive 2 years like this but she died as soon as there was treatment for her? Also, is saying that Ava passed away just another term to say that you put her down cause you didn’t want to take care of her? Because if her cancer was inoperable, she still could have had treatments so she would not be in pain and would at least feel love for a few days. So how exactly did she pass away.

    • Karen, if you read the blog in its entirety you will see that the tumor was inoperable, that the cancer had already eaten the bone in her face including the palate and that there was only one compassionate course of action.
      I am terribly sorry.

      • Viktor, I do have a question – why do you call yourself Viktor Larkhill when apparently your real name is Ivan Jimenez?? I just found this out and, together with the negative comments I’ve read about you and your organization in recent months, I am puzzled. I do hope you and your organization are genuine and have needy animals’ best interests at heart and not money.

      • Hi Viktor, about the story of Ava…was the large mass (tumor) in any way related to the blow by the wooden stick? It seems that she was more neglected for two years, not abused all that time. Is that accurate? The first part of this tragic story made me think her injury turned into an infection which lead to the deformity. It seems it was cancer, right? Thanks for helping animals.

        • Yes… when we rescued her that´s what we were told… upon arrival we performed a CT scan and the painful truth became obvious.. :-(

  • My heart is breaking right now because of what poor Ava has had to go through. I hope her owners will be punished for what they did to this poor baby. Thank you to you all who rescued her and tried to save this little angel. I would have loved (if I could have afforded ) to take her in and give her all of the loving that she could have ever wanted. We have a Yellow Lab and she is our baby and we would never let anyone miss treat her. I bet when you went to rescue Ava you probably wanted to hit the owner with a board and let them suffer just like they let Ava do. I know that is what I would have wanted to do. I am so glad that for the short period of time that you had her she got a lot of love and affection that she deserved. May Ava Rest In Peace! Thank You Again!

  • Ava my sweet beautiful puppygirl. I would have taken u into our home in a heartbeat. I am so very sad that u had suffered and was in great pain. Your humans failed u and for that I am sorry. They were not human or humane enough to love or take care of u. U were so much more than ” just a dog”. They were ignorant and stupid fir realizing that. I love u even thou I never saw u or got yo know u. Rest in peace little girl. Cross the rainbow bridge to be with my old girl Kessie my sweet dog and my kitty Izabelle. Until I meet u on the other side.

  • In common with everyone who has seen these shocking photographs, I am reeling with the horror at the long drawn out suffering endured by this poor little dog. It seemed to me right from the start that she was a hopeless case, so grotesque and far advanced were her symptoms. To be honest, I wept when I saw her poor face and realised that someone knew this was happening and callously let it go on for so long. My earnest wish is that the law covers neglect of this kind, and that the person responsible will be prosecuted and punished by the full force of the law.

  • Rip precious Ava..you poor little baby. What a horrible life you had. You can rest in peace now honey. Sleep with the angel’s

  • Dear Victor, I was following this story and crying my eyes out the whole time! She was a Beautiful creature created by God to shed love wherever she would go. But some foul demon of hell Ruined her with an evil glee! I pray that Ava is being loved by The Lord God and is very happy, and I pray that The Lord God convicts and punishes this evil Demon in Jesus name! I live in Texas in the USA and would have gladly adopted her if possible. I also rescue dogs that people abandon and are abusive to them. We, My Wife Tammy, and myself find good homes for them. We also have 4 small rescues living their lives in their forever home. I am a compatriot! God and Jesus Christ Bless you. Harold W. Heflin Paris, Tx.

  • Just knowing she had the VERY BEST CARE IN THE WORLD, is the only thing we can do, I have seen cancer in a dog and also have had surgery with the same results. She didn’t die alone and had her teddy bear. Thank you for all you do.

  • who was the previous owner of ava? you guys could’ve prosecuted that person for animal cruelty and send them to jail for years and years without bail or anything. pets should not be treated like this – they should be loved and cared for – not treating them like this. i hate these sleezy bags pretending to be good to their pets yet behind closed doors they treat them like this…

    why have a pet in the first place anyway?


    to ava and all those victims of animal cruelty that passed away – you’re all included to my prayers including my dog who passed away recently as him alone was a victim of animal cruelty til i saved him from those people who neglected him from the very beginning.

  • I think no human should do this. Thought humans are the most intelligent animals? I´m not sure if people like this should life like they did anymore…
    If magic would happen EVERY anymal would life in peace for ever and ever – and if it means that no human will disturb the world anymore while living there – FINE !!!!

    • I think Ava held on until she was in loving arms. Obviously her mouth was collapsing. Her will for love was what gave her a will to live. Once your team had her, & loved on her, she could let go of her fight to live while suffering to eat & breathe. Thank you all for being there for her & having the courage to peacefully end her suffering. She left this earth in loving arms at last.

  • Hi, I just wanted to say, thankx for the hard work that you guys were doing for her
    I work for a pet store take care of the pets like they are my babies, to see people
    Doing things like this to this angels gets me mad I wish people just think of this
    Angels like our love and care helpers they make us better with that in conditional love
    Thank you for all you do to save lives ,
    My little angel ava be happy with our dad God and tell my little Roger that I miss
    Him and that to be happy with you and all my love ones that are in heaven with you.

  • This is so heartbreaking ! I can’t imagine the pain and suffering this dog had gone through! I’m bewildered to see that your association didn’t call the police on these sadistic individuals! The people who did this need to get banned of ever adopting another dog & get jail time.

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