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MARLEY has been run over and found in a ditch, crying for help!


Everyone knew Marley in his neighbourhood… He appeared a couple of years ago and found refuge at the park, becoming a local celebrity of sorts. The friendly homeless neighbour that would greet everyone when leaving their homes in the morning and returning in the evenings.


He was always the one to greet people walking their dogs, always ready to play fetch with other dog´s balls, he was specially keen of old people resting or walking at the park.

Noone really knows when was Marley run over, or who did this to him, but they left him dying in a ditch, whimpering for help.


It was precisely one of the neighbours that called us and asked us for help…. Marley had been found laying motionless on a roadside ditch covered in blood and with multiple fractures.


Marley is in shock, he has lost a lot of blood, he has anemia and we are working really hard to stabilise him. However, he can´t wait for long in this condition. We will be operating him in 48 hours.

Marley has been alone since the day he was dumped, and he finds alone at the hospital today. LET´S CHANGE THAT!!!!

December and the Holiday Season is nearly here… this is the time when people feel more inclined to help, and that´s what Marley needs today, your help.. PLEASE, DONATE, HELP US SAVE MARLEY´S LIFE!!!!

After his surgery and rehabilitation is over MARLEY is going to need an amazing home, a home that will love him and cherish him forever.Please write to me on v.larkhill@gmail.com if you believe you are that family.

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  • What a terrible injury! He must be dying of pain!
    Marley looks like the kind of friend every kid should have. I´m terribly sorry they’ve done this to him.
    And you are right! What better time to donate that this time of the year?
    Helping with $40 towards Marley´s surgery!
    Keep us posted like you always do.

  • My boy was injured by a hit and run driver, I can only imagine how horrifying it must have been for poor Marley <3 Donating in his honor! Good luck sweet boy, you're in good hands!

  • I sure hope you had him on some serious pain medication BEFORE filming him. Why wait 48 hrs? Why not operate immediately? You cant tell me there isnt an excess of donations coming in world wide for all the rescues. Move some cash around and fix him immediately. It seems senseless hours of pain and suffering for Marley. I’m praying for him.

    • Dear Brian..
      Marley has arrived with an extremely low hematocrit level.. if he went through surgery RIGHT NOW he would never wake up. Every surgeon can tell you this is standard procedure in every hospital unless life or death situations… First stabilise, then operate.
      His blood looks purple because it´s dry blood .. when blood dries up it darkens.

    • Finally.. yes.. the first part of the video is show upon arrival, he has no pain medication there. You cannot give a dog any kind of sedation before doing a full blood pannel. Once you have that (second part of the video) then he receives sedation so that we can explore the injury properly, do X-rays, etc… See? Everything follows a process..
      You can´t just run into surgery just like that.

  • As always, you and your folks are doing a great job for Marley…and as always, I’ve donated a little something for Marley’s care…not much, but as you’d surely say, a lot of small donations are better than none at all…my Pittie Riley and I are sending prayers for Marley’s recovery…get better soon, Marley…

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