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MANDY… They have amputated her legs with a SAW … HELP US SAVE HER!!!



Christmas and New Year are here… and while most of us are preparing to reunite with our loved ones, there are some out there actively harming, destroying and injury out of sheer pleasure. While most of us will be surrounded by love, there is one dog, we´ve called her Mandy, that will be fighting for her life.

MANDY WAS RUSHED TO OUR HOSPITAL THIS EVENING.. .She arrived in a state of shock after she was found laying on the fields outside the city WITH BOTH FRONT LEGS AMPUTATED!!


In front of us, unfolds a scene right out of a nightmare. Mandy doesn´t dare making eye contact, she doesn´t know where she is, who are all those strange people and why she can´t walk or stand up. Two massive injuries on her legs are giving her shocks of pain. One of her legs has been COMPLETELY AMPUTATED AND HANGS BY A PIECE OF SKIN, the second one presents massive injuries that have severed the tendons and reaches the bone.

Someone seems to have used a SAW to do this to Mandy.


Mandy is an Andalusian Bodeguero, a spanish breed known for their playfulness and kindness… It´s impossible for a normal person to even begin to comprehend how can anyone do this to an animal as kind as Mandy. This is brutality at it´s most extreme.


Whomever did this has completely destroyed the life of an innocent animal that never did anything bad to anyone. We will never know how was Mandy´s life before this horror but we know her future is going to depend on wether we are able to fix her legs and enable her to walk again…

You have seen us achieve extraordinary things for our rescues, and I promise you we are going to fight as hard for Mandy.

Please, if you can, HELP US SAVE MANDY´S LIFE…


P.S. After her treatment and rehabilitation, Mandy is going to need an amazing home, a home that will love her and cherish her for ever. Please write to me on v.larkhill@gmail.com if you believe you are that family.

We will be updating on Mandy´s condition at our Facebook Page:  Viktor Larkhill: Extreme Rescue  … JOIN US!


  • I cannot put into words how I feel about the monsters that did this to that precious little girl….. The video is heartbreaking and it struck me as such a contrast between the vile hands that did this to her, and the tenderness in the hands of those caring for her. You are true angels and its only people like you that give me faith in humans. X

  • It is soul destroying what people can do to a beautiful little girl and what possess them to commit such pain, heart breaking, just heart breaking. Wishing you and your team lots of luck for Mandy and any more which you will be opening your doors to over the festive period, Best Wishes xxx

  • Weeping. So furious and completely at a loss for words that anyone ANYONE would do THIS! To this lovely, lovely dog. This cannot go without a deep investigation. This criminal is too sadistic and must be caught. People talk, and that type is stupid. Is the dog familiar to anyone? Was it a stray, owned by someone horrible or what? Many Many and Most prayers to this dear angel, I wish I could talk to her and pet her. She cannot read out e mails and know that we care. Bless the angels who helped this poor poor victim of a cruelty so unconscionable they need punishment and to never be near an animal again. Lock away for LIFE. Many prayers.

  • Donated. Mandy’s is in first class place, that will give her a chance to live. This is horrendous, praying karma visits those that inflicted this upon her. Sending prayers, for healing, love, and hugs. Thank-you, Viktor, and Extreme rescue. U people rock.

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