Extreme Rescue Cats, Trauma surgery

JADE has been broken… She will die unless we operate her multiple fractures.


Jade is one of the kindest and most beautiful cats we´ve ever rescued…  (Watch her video below)

Jade was brought to us this morning by a kind lady that found her laying down right next to a garbage can on her way to work. She was laying there, barely able to move, and gasping for air in a state of shock.
The lady drove to the hospital as quickly as fast as she could.

Jade was completely still when she got to us. The pain was too much for her.

The X-rays reveal the extent of her fractures: Bilateral fracture of the hip, double fracture of the femur and the tibia. Her condition is atrocious… she is going to need TWO surgeries to survive.

Repairing her hip is absolute priority, as at the moment the collapsed bones are blocking her and she can´t defecate or urinate but we can´t operate her right now because she is too unstable and she wouldn´t be able to withstand the anesthesia…

So, we are aiming to operate her tomorrow….  PLEASE WATCH HER VIDEO

This is an absolute emergency and a big medical challenge. Fixing this beautiful kitty will be extremely difficult but there is no alternative. Her life is in our hands.

Please Save Jade, Please Donate towards her life-saving surgery…


P.A. After her surgery and rehabilitation is over JADE is going to need an amazing home, a home that will love him and cherish her forever. Please write to me on v.larkhill@gmail.com if you believe you are that family.

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  • I have never seen a rescue group that takes the kind of cases you take, and as often as you do.
    Jade is a very lucky kitty, she is in the best possible hands!
    Those surgeries are going to cost a fortune, but don´t worry, you are not alone.
    Donating USD 100 towards her surgery.
    Good luck Jade! You will make it!!!

  • Looks so much like my own little fusspot; Eldar. Donating to help this cause, and hoping for the best, both in recovery, and in finding Jade a good home. Keep up the good work, Victor.

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